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In 1905 Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna was fated to witness her husband’s brutal murder when a bomb was set off as he exited his front door. Rather than seek revenge on his murderer or pity herself Elizabeth acted with great moral strength and true forgiveness. She went to the prison cell of the murderer hoping that he would repent of his act that his immortal soul might be saved. This experience wrought a decisive moral change in the soul of the Grand Duchess which caused her to forsake her former way of life. Having on her own initiative converted to the Orthodox faith in her seventh year of marriage, she now sought to devote herself entirely to the spiritual life.

Her vision was to create a community made up of women from all social strata that would merge the ideals of Saints Martha and Mary to achieve faith and love in service to others, and to achieve prayer in humility.

With the help of God St. Elizabeth saw her dream realized. She acquired a small property within the city of Moscow on which she constructed a hospital; an orphanage for girls; and quarters for the sisters. There was also a dining hall where 300 meals were served daily to the poor. In 1910 a separate church was built on the property dedicated to the Protection of the Mother of God. While supervising the activities of the sisterhood, which at its peak numbered 97 sisters, St. Elizabeth also served as a shining example of selfless devotion to others and a true struggler in Orthodox piety. She slept no more than three to four hours a day on a wooden bed without a mattress. Her daily fare consisted of vegetables and milk, when fasting rules allowed. At midnight she would rise to pray and then make the rounds of the hospital visiting the bedsides of the most seriously ill and comforting them with her words.

This good and holy work was not to last long however. On Bright Tuesday, March 13,1918, with the coming of the Communist government, St. Elizabeth was forcibly taken from her convent and placed under arrest. As a member of the royal family and through the pious influence she had on the people she was considered to be the opposition and not to be trusted. On the night of July 5/18,1918 St. Elizabeth, her cell attendant Barbara, who refused to leave St. Elizabeth’s side upon her arrest though she knew it would mean her own death, and five members of the Royal Family were taken out of their place of confinement and thrown alive into a deep mine shaft.

If one’s eyes were directed only towards this world then there would remain little to remind us of the achievements of St. Elizabeth. By 1926 the Convent of Sts. Martha and Mary had been totally disbanded and its remaining members exiled to Central Asia. Their church was impiously converted into a social hall by the Communists and on the site of the altar table was placed a statue of Lenin. There is now a revival of the memory of St. Elizabeth in the Soviet Union and- pilgrims bring back news of restoration going on in the Convent. A statue has been erected in the courtyard of her convent with the inscription, “To The Grand Duchess Elizabeth. With Repentance.”

A Day at the Community

"Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and all your soul, and all thy mind, and all thy strength; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself"

Monarchs of Europe Part I

King Harald V of Norway (born 21 February 1937), House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, reigning since 1991

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (born 16 April 1940), House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, reigning since 1972

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (born 30 April 1946), House of Bernadotte, reigning since 1973



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"One of my pet peeves is Kate still being called "Kate Middleton" in the press, especially in America. It is incredibly disrespectful and it make me cringe. You wouldn’t hear anyone saying "Diana Spencer". Duchess Catherine will do just fine. Even William calls her Catherine in interviews." - Submitted by Anonymous

Duchess Catherine isn’t even a real title how fucking stupid are you?

Kate Middleton was her name for many years, and is still correct in that sense, and she has shown no objection to it. Duchess Catherine… wtf? That’s not a thing. 

She is the Duchess OF CAMBRIDGE. The correct style is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I am usually the last to nitpick like that, but there is absolutely nothing I hate more than people who try and shame others for “being disrespectful” because of how they address a royal woman while at the same time getting it wrong themselves. 

You do not get to fucking call other people out until you know your shit. 

Actually the correct style is the Duchess of Cambridge. Only a divorce would make “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge” correct. 

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